Meet Sabrina, the mastermind behind our express courier services

Our holistic suite of delivery management software helps you manage every customer delivery, as well as your workforce, and much more in just a few clicks.

How Sabrina helps maximise our express courier services

Workforce application

From one easy-to-use hub, your couriers can view upcoming shifts, see customer orders, and access a clear map to complete deliveries. Meanwhile, you can track delivery performance, enter support channels, and manage invoices and payments.

Reporting tool

Can you imagine automating your rota schedule? That's exactly what Sabrina does. Using machine learning technologies, our software allocates jobs based on geographical location and training constraints.

Control panel

See exactly what your workforce is doing throughout every step of the final-mile via our handy control panel. Automate dispatching, track deliveries, manage multi-drop orders, and more.

Customer obsevation panel

Here, you can manage every customer order with on-hand driver information, delivery timelines, basket items, and more.

Business Intelligence

Using real data, Sabrina can monitor deliveries per hour, log journey times, track on-time deliveries, create volume heat maps, and so much more.

How do we maintain optimal performance in our service?

ETA accuracy

Sabrina can monitor nearby traffic, disruptive weather, and current vehicle conditions to determine the ETA of every delivery. We also utilise algorithms and perform several ETA recalculations throughout the order lifetime.

Automatic order dispatching

Without lifting a finger, Sabrina will identify the local drivers, and then map out the most efficient and eco-friendly route for them to follow.

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