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We deliver world class final-mile logistic solutions that cover delivery management software as well as logistics personnel.

Trained and well equipped delivery riders.

Manage deliveries with our machine learning, automated dispatch platform.

Average end to end delivery time of 30 minutes.

More than 100,000 global deliveries completed each day.

Delivery Mates for Retail

Whether you’re a bricks and mortar retailer or purely e-commerce we find cost effective way of competing and differentiating your service. Delivery Mates helps retailers launch or optimise a same-day delivery network and grow

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Delivery Mates for Food and Hospitality

Restaurants are looking for alternatives to the aggregator platforms and the large fees that come with them. Mobilise your own fleet of delivery drivers and use delivery management software to level the playing field by offering a cost effective delivery service

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Delivery Mates for Vehicle Spares Parts

Vehicle Spares Parts suppliers are using Delivery Mates to deliver on their customers' urgent expectations. Using our delivery management software, businesses are able to expand their coverage to reach workshops and mechanics. This reduces downtime and increases productivity

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Delivery Mates for Healthcare

Delivery Mates offers a powerful solution that enables healthcare providers, pharmacies and distributors to engage patients and customers digitally getting products and care to those who need it the most efficient way.

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Meet Sabrina

Sabrina is a holistic suite of delivery management software which enables you to manage deliveries to your customers.

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Workforce Application

Our workforce application enables drivers to access shifts, support channels, invoice and payments, delivery performance and seamlessly execute their last-mile deliveries.

  • Order Management
  • Driver Performance
  • Rota Publication
  • Support Queries

Scheduler Tool

Our automated rota scheduling tool will allow you to schedule your whole workforce with the click of a few buttons, using machine learning technologies to help you allocate the most efficient employees to roots.

  • Automated Rota Generation
  • Geographical Rota Assignment
  • Configurable Training Constraints
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Control Panel

Our control panel gives you an eagle-eyed view of your workforce's movements, allowing you to monitor activities in the live on a geographical, regional or site level.

  • Automated Dispatching
  • Real Time Order Tracking
  • Geographical Strategic Allocation
  • Single-Drop and Multi-Drop Order Execution
  • Route Optimisation

Customer Observation Panel

Our customer observation panel allows you to monitor all activities of your deliveries in a simple and easy to use UI. Empower your customer service teams to give real time feedback to your customers.

  • Realtime Order Tracking
  • Unified Data View
  • Read Only Access
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Sabrina Performance

Sabrina is an adaptable, scalable, performant software stack to manage short deliveries. It adapts to each customer with modular data source connectors, and manages the fleet needed to cover a service area.

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ETA Accuracy

  • ETA recalculation several times during the
    order lifetime for a better accuracy
  • Calculations based on traffic, weather and vehicle conditions.
  • Algorithms based on machine
    learning technologies.

Automatic Order Dispatching

  • Identify nearby drivers
    • Calculate the most efficient route
      • Crosscheck driver training constraints
        • Generate suitable driver rankings
          • Most efficient driver allocated to delivery

Data driven at the core

Sabrina enables users to build their own business intelligence dashboards and create custom KPIs to gain a whole host of insights.

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Business Intelligence

Data is at the forefront of what we do. Sabrina will enable you to optimise your delivery service by identifying key trends locked away in the data.

  • Key Trend Identifiers
  • Deliveries Per Hour
  • Volume Heat Maps
  • Under The Roof Times
  • Journey Times
  • Fuel Consumption
  • On-time Deliveries

Where Are We

Delivery Mates has helped hundreds of companies to increase customer satisfaction, generate repeat sales and beat the competition.

  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain

What makes us exceptional?

We believe our people make the difference. We approach problems with enthusiasm, passion and a drive to find solutions. With a great blend of experienced operators, problem solvers and tech innovators we believe there’s nobody else like us on the planet!

Working with Delivery Mates has been fantastic. The team are easy to work with, no request is too much.

Like Brown’s, Deliverymates are innovative, groundbreaking and have a shared vision of offering our customers and incredible experience. Within a month we decided we did not need to work with our other delivery service partners. Deliverymates is all we need!

Asa Hamley

Operations Manager – Browns Fashion

“Delivery Mates are experienced, hands-on, dynamic and always focused on solutions”

2018 has seen Iper secure their market share in Lombardy with steady growth in daily order volumes as well optimisation of their click & collect service which is now entirely managed by Delivery Mates solution with order fulfilment completed from the ‘dark-store’ warehouse rather than the supermarket.

Massimo Baggi

Iper La Grande – Director of E-Commerce

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