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The story behind our service

The one thing missing from the final-mile arena? Simple but effective express delivery services making sustainability a priority.

Every journey completed by petrol-guzzling delivery vehicles pollutes the air with harmful emissions and undue noise. We recognised that this not only harms the environment but affects the health and happiness of our communities.

Delivery Mates was launched to change the way businesses transport their goods in the final-mile. With us by your side, there’s simply no excuse to neglect a more sustainable future.

Our mission

Our mission is to make sustainable express delivery the norm. We want to help businesses across the UK and beyond to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their reputation by offering a more eco-friendly delivery service.

Our vision

We want to be the go-to express delivery service for businesses across the UK and beyond. We want to be the first choice for businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their reputation by offering a more eco-friendly delivery service.

Our values


A cleaner, healthier world is our biggest motivator. We're committed to creating a future with lower emissions to benefit the people of our communities.


We're smart, innovative, and genuine, but we're also human. We lay our cards on the table, enabling us to create strong, long-lasting customer relationships.


We're always ahead of the curve. Our desire to be a forward-thinking and inventive business means we deliver the best delivery experience to our customers.


Honest. Direct. Open. We maintain straightforward communication with customers, suppliers, and fellow associates.


We see problems as opportunities for change and development. We believe we can achieve smarter, money-saving commutes whilst changing the standard of urban mobility.


Consider us your mate. We care about your local communities and how they deliver their products. That's why our teams are always approachable and engaged, ready to help your business.

Proven Experience: The Pillar of Our Delivery Success

From our logistics gurus to our leadership crew, our dedicated couriers and everyone in between, we work in unison, aligned by the same goal to supercharge express delivery.

The Delivery Mates team is truly what makes the magic happen.


experienced couriers

Our experts boast years of combined experience in logistics


years of experience

Our extensive workforce spans across 5 countries.


satisified customers

Together, we deliver countless orders every single day.

The driving force behind our express delivery service

Ercylio Oliveira

A serial entrepreneur and visionary, Ercylio recognised the need to introduce simple but effective express delivery solutions into the final-mile arena.

Eduardo Martins

Eduardo Martins da Silva is an experienced operations and product management professional with a proven track record in developing successful strategies for product development and optimizing processes for operational efficiency.

He is a natural leader, excellent communicator, and collaborator with a passion for building strong relationships with clients and stakeholders.

Kevin Savage

Kevin Savage is a trained and experienced Supply Chain leader and has led teams in many sectors.

More recently, the last 10 years, he has focused on the Last Mile Consumer sector which has rapidly changed.

Joining Delivery Mates in 2022 he now leads our UK business on the journey to become a major player in Sustainable Logistics.


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