London Councils are Leading the Way in the Cargo Bike Revolution!

Are you ready to join the movement? From passionate councillors to pioneering businesses, a select group of London boroughs spearheads the transition from polluting vans to fast, clean cargo bikes. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate their incredible efforts!

Introducing the Cargo Revolution Borough Charter, an exciting opportunity for Local Authorities to actively participate in creating a greener, more sustainable economy. By signing up, councils commit to transforming their boroughs into cargo bike-friendly havens where businesses and residents can thrive by embracing this revolutionary mode of transportation.

Already, the following visionary London boroughs have leapt, signing the Cargo Bike Borough Charter:

🌟 Hackney

🌟 Lambeth

🌟 Camden

🌟 Hammersmith & Fulham

🌟 Westminster

These trailblazing councils have recognised the potential of cargo bikes to revolutionise urban logistics, enhance community well-being, and combat environmental challenges head-on. Now, they’re paving the way for a brighter, cleaner future, and their dedication deserves our applause!

But we won’t stop there. We want our borough, Brent, to be part of this inspiring movement. We invite Brent Council to seize this extraordinary opportunity and join forces with the leading councils in the Cargo Bike Borough Charter. We can create a greener, more accessible, vibrant borough that empowers businesses, supports residents, and fosters sustainable growth.

What’s inside the Charter? We’ve identified five crucial areas where cargo bike accessibility in boroughs can be improved:

1️⃣ Improving internal logistics

2️⃣ Supporting businesses making the switch 

3️⃣ Improving the infrastructure for businesses and individuals  

4️⃣ Making communications cargo bike friendly

5️⃣ Making it easier for residents to switch to cargo bikes  

Brent Council, let’s collaborate and make a real difference together! Together, we can build a sustainable, thriving community that embraces the cargo bike revolution, reduces pollution, and paves the way for a greener future.

Let’s pedal towards progress! 🌱🚲