Case Study: Westminster Council

Our successful partnership with Cross River Partnership, Westminster City Council, and Q-Park Pimlico has yielded fantastic results! Our 9-month trial of the Pimlico micro logistics hub, dedicated to low-emission deliveries in the heart of London, has been a resounding success.

The impact? Using electric cargo bikes instead of polluting vans, we cut CO2 emissions by 4,186 kg, NOx emissions by 15,141 g, and PM2.5 emissions by 303 g. That's like:

  • Avoiding 85 football pitch-sized forest fires!
  • Clearing the air for 459 people in a single day.
  • Planting almost 7 sycamore maple trees to filter the air.

And the good news gets even better! Thanks to the strong collaboration with our partners, we're extending the hub's operation for at least another year. We can continue delivering smiles and eco-friendly packages to Westminster and beyond.

Here's how it works:

We receive parcels from an electric van at the Q-Park Pimlico hub. Our fantastic team of couriers then zip around the city on electric cargo bikes, making zero-emission deliveries.

This reduces congestion, improves air quality, and makes London a more sustainable place to live and work. We're proud to be a part of this innovative project and committed to driving positive change in the delivery industry.

Want to join the green revolution? Choose Delivery Mates for your next eco-friendly delivery!

Together, we can deliver a cleaner, greener future.