Logistics Manager Magazine Spotlights Delivery Mates Sustainable Strategies

In the latest edition, the  Logistics Manager Magazine presents an exclusive interview with Kevin Savage, one of the brilliant minds behind Delivery Mates, an ingenious initiative spearheading eco-friendly last-mile deliveries through the pioneering use of cargo bikes. Breaking from conventional logistics practices, Delivery Mates has adopted micro hubs strategically positioned in the heart of cities, challenging the traditional concept of distant large depots.

Embracing sustainable urban logistics as their core mission, Delivery Mates has taken significant strides in revolutionising the delivery landscape. By harnessing the power of cargo bikes, they have reimagined the transportation of goods, paving the way for a greener future in bustling metropolitan areas.

The August edition of Logistics Manager Magazine delves deep into the innovative approaches employed by Delivery Mates, highlighting the efficiency and environmental benefits of their eco-friendly solutions. Discover the challenges they have faced and the opportunities they have seized in their quest to lead the charge towards a more sustainable urban logistics system.

To gain unique insights into the visionary practices of Delivery Mates and their impact on the industry, access the exclusive interview with Kevin Savage on the link below.